Garage Management System

For Independent Garages
Our cloud-based GMS helps independent garages streamline their operations and improve customer experience while reducing phone calls, and automating service reminders and follow-ups!

Explore our features

Improve your customer's experience

With Mxpert your business can offer an enhanced experience for your customers.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Automated updates/reminders straight to customer's phones
  • Instant quotes
  • Digital approvals
  • Convenient, secure, and flexible online payment methods
  • Appointment reminders
  • Feedback forms to improve service delivery

Manage your inventory with ease.

Avoid the headache of last-minute surprises by having full control and viewing of your inventory at all times.
  • Real-time inventory display
  • Low inventory caution for parts that you are running low on
  • Online ordering of parts and equipment made easy
  • Generate purchase orders in one click
  • Automatic updating of inventory

Accelerate your team's workflow.

Manage your team in a better way and lead them on the path to success
  • Manage schedules
  • Job delegation
  • Update schedules in real-time
  • Electronic time sheets
  • KPIs and individual performance reports
  • Salaries and benefits disbursement

Real-time service updates.

Keep your customers updated about their services in real time
  • Real-time notifications/status updates of the service
  • Invoice notifications via text and email
  • Job completion status notification

Streamline your workflow.

Mxpert has tools for all your operations, making your life easier
  • Job completion status
  • Workflow creation
  • Work orders and customer history
  • Invoices, estimates, salaries and everything in between

Maximize your team's growth.

Make data driven decisions based on your shop's performance.
  • Real-time performance graphs
  • Track sales, revenue and more
  • Reduce unecessary costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Garage Management System (GMS) and learn how it can benefit your independent garage.

Do customers get a notification reminder before their appointment?

Yes, our system sends automated appointment reminders to customers via email and text message. This helps to reduce no-shows and ensures that customers arrive on time.

How do you reduce phone calls?

Our system sends automated service updates and reminders to customers, reducing the need for them to call and check the status of their vehicle. Additionally, our drag-and-drop appointment scheduling system makes it easy for garages to manage their workload and avoid overbooking, which can lead to customer frustration.

Can I view/track customer data from the previous services?

Yes, our system stores customer data, including service history, so you can easily track previous services and view customer profiles. This helps garages provide personalized service to their customers and ensures that they receive the best possible care for their vehicles.

How easy is it to switch from LANKAR?

Switching to Mxpert GMS is super easy and hassle-free. Our onboarding team will guide you through the entire process of data migration and system setup. We'll make sure that you're up and running in no time.

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